Pretty Washi Tape Covered with Colorful Florals of Different Types


Washi tape is a great addition to all kinds of things. This adjustable tape can be used on letters, cards, projects, decorating, and many other things. With Washi, the sky is the limit! This features a floral art deco design, but we have others of all kinds to choose from as well. Once you get started, you won’t want to quit, so be prepared and order a few rolls! 

Washi Tape is used for many purposes. It is an adjustable, paper tape that can easily stick to many paper products. It is a thin, translucent, durable paper tape. We have lots of designs to choose from. Have fun decorating your envelopes when sending one of our matching greeting cards!

Each roll 15mm x 10m

©The First Snow

Made in China 

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