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Hello and Welcome !

We are a family-owned stationery business based out of Denver, Colorado. You might know us from the pretty foils, florals, and elegant lettering characteristic of our greeting card collections. We are so in love with designing pretty cards for you to share with your loved ones, and wanted to take these core elements of our style and venture into new territory, to create a new something lovely for you.
Our Luxury Book Collection was born from Darah's personal experiences searching for luxurious items that are both beautiful and practical. We've come across so many gorgeous journals in the marketplace, but none of them have quite embodied the look and feel we wanted in our personal journals. So we decided to create our own books that carry over The First Snow’s classic design and also do something a bit out of the ordinary.
Darah has always been enamored by the look and silky feel of velvet, and after a bit of experimenting, she found our debossed velvet covers to be the perfect touch of magic she was looking for. This plus our hand-designed pages and variety of stunning colors compose a product that we’re proud and excited to share with you.
Our journals are individually crafted and assembled here in Colorado with the help of local partners.
We hope that you, and anyone you give one of our books to, are as wowed as we were when we first saw this project come together.
If you are visiting for the first time and new to our collections, we welcome you to get familiar with our products!
As always, we do offer most of our products at the wholesale level to boutiques and stores around the country! Please do get in touch with us if you'd like to more information.
Thank you, always, for your continued support.