Decorative Washi Tape Featuring Colorful Modern Abstract Brushwork


Take your project to the next level with our stunning and unique Washi Tape! Our Washi Tape has so many uses and can literally stick to any paper product you had in mind! 

The tape is thin and translucent and just looks ever so stunning whichever way you decide to use it. Decorate envelopes, greeting cards, or birthday packages with this special touch!

Washi Tape is used for many purposes. It is an adjustable, paper tape that can easily stick to many paper products. It is a thin, translucent, durable paper tape. We have lots of designs to choose from. Have fun decorating your envelopes when sending one of our matching greeting cards!


Canary yellow, berry, pink, green

Each roll 15mm x 10m

©The First Snow

Made in China 

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