Gold Metallic Happy Birthday Washi Tape with Colorful Flowers


   Save on the cost of birthday stationery and decorations with this versatile Happy Birthday Floral Washi-Tape. What's Washi Tape?  It's an inexpensive, adjustable paper tape that easily sticks to wood, plastic or metal, and is easy to remove without causing damage, chipping paint or leaving a residue.  Great for paper accents on gifts, decorating handmade cards and envelopes, or creating a Happy Birthday party banner!  Washi Tape is an indispensable accessory for making scrapbooks, too!

   Washi tape is transparent, thin, durable and made of natural fibers.  Each roll is 0.6" wide and 32.8' (393.7") long. Be creative! Have fun with with this Happy Birthday Floral Washi Tape!

Washi Tape is used for many purposes. It is an adjustable, paper tape that can easily stick to many paper products. It is a thin, translucent, durable paper tape. We have lots of designs to choose from. Have fun decorating your envelopes when sending one of our matching greeting cards!

Foil accents

Each roll 15mm x 10m

©The First Snow

Made in China 

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